RINGO MEDIA is a Barcelona-based independent film production company committed to creating impactful films for its audiences. It stands out with films such as MATRIA by Álvaro Gago, featured at Berlinale 2023 with two Goya Award nominations; MY SEXTORTION DIARY by Patricia Franquesa, premiered at SXSW 2024; and PONTO FINAL by Miguel López Beraza, awarded with the Jury Prize at the Warsaw International Film Festival 2022. The company is developing several projects.




RINGO MEDIA is an independent film production company born in 2017 in Barcelona with the aim of creating original and thought-provoking films with an auteur approach to captivate audiences.    

Among its recent titles, the debut film MATRIA by Álvaro Gago stands out, presented in the Panorama section of the Berlinale 2023, with two nominations in the 38th Goya Awards, is based on the award-winning short film at Sundance in 2018 Additionally, the thriller documentary MY SEXTORTION DIARY by Patricia Franquesa, premiered at the South by Southwest Festival this year, and the short film PONTO FINAL by Miguel López Beraza, honored with the Grand Jury Prize at the 2022 Warsaw Film Festival.

Ringo Media’s essence lies in its commitment to genuine and honest narratives, with particular attention to those that amplify women’s voices and experiences. In the continuous pursuit of fresh perspectives, the production company is developing several films. These include THE FURY by Gemma Blasco (two Industry Awards at FICG), LOW SEASON by Marta Font (LIM – 2021), THE IMMINENT AGE by the Vigilia Collective (three awards at Málaga WIP 2023), PORTO ALEGRE by Álvaro Gago (EAVE Puentes 2023), VAPOR Y PLATA by Miguel López Beraza (Screenplay Residence at the Spanish Academy of Cinema 2022-23), and the documentary feature FILMING FLYING BIRDS by Zeltia Outeiriño (Coming Soon – Meeting Point Vilnius 2023).



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