RINGO MEDIA is an audiovisual production company based in Barcelona. It was created in 2017 by Mireia Graell (Nominated to Goya and Gaudi Best Production Manager for SUMMER 1993) and selected as an emerging European talent by workshops such as Maia workshop, Rotterdam Lab, Berlinale Talents or The Screen-La Incubadora.

VARIETY – “Catalonia: Producers on rise”

Since its opening, Ringo Media bets on rising talents, both fiction and documentary. Amongst its projects we can find KIBERA SAUTI by Luis Lanchares (Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival 2018), Alvaro Gago’s short films MATRIA (Grand Jury Prize Sundance 2018) and 16 DE DECEMBRO (Locarno Film Festival 2019) or its latest short film BROKEN TALE by Miguel Gago (Shanghai 2020).

The goal and ambition of Ringo Media is to develop audiovisual projects that bring a unique and honest look, paying special attention to stories of women. Following that path the company is now developing 4 projects. Two feature films: MATRIA, Alvaro Gago’s debut, and THE FURY by Gemma Blasco. And two feature documentaries: PATARINOS by Zeltia Outeiriño and the thriller documentary OLE MI COÑO by Patricia Franquesa.