Short Film Fiction I 18min I 2019 I Colour Digtal 2K



Little Luci runs into the woods in the search of her cousin Salvador, a young maqui chased by the Civil Guard. Luci’s ear is so sensitive that is able to guide her through the trees. The old beech, wild and magical, warns danger is nearby. The beating of the Civil Guard is approaching and the confrontation with the maquis seems imminent.


Director/Script: Miguel Gago Caamaño
Producers: Mireia Graell
Cinematography: Alex Pizzigallo
Art Director: Llorenç Mas Leal
Production Manager: Samuel Sánchez
Editors: Álvaro Gago, Miguel Gago
Sound: Pablo Gregorio
Casting: Gemma Blasco, Ilune Diaz
Music: Mario G. Cortizo


LUCI Duna Molera
ARMELE Rosalía Omil
RAMON Òscar Rabadán
GATO Dafnis Balduz
FLACO Pol Fernández
SALVA Pol Nubiala

Production Companies
Ringo Media and Timber Films

Distribution Company
Freak Agency

With the support of
ICEC film fund


NATIONAL PREMIERE: 2020. Semana de Medina del Campo (Valladolid. Castilla y León) Spain
INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE: 2020 Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF). China

2020 Festival de Cans (Galicia) Spain – Best Original Soundtrack

2020 MECAL PRO – Talents Catalans (Cataluña) Spain
2020 Festival Internacional de Cine de Sax. (C.Valenciana) Spain
2020 Festival Internacional de Cinema de Cerdanya (Cataluña) Spain
2020 Sant Cugat Fantàstic Festival Internacional Fantástico y de Terror (Cataluña) Spain
2020 Festival de Ourense en Curto. OUFF (Galicia) Spain
2020 Festival de Cine de Zaragoza (Aragón) Spain
2020 Octubre Corto (La Rioja) Spain
2020 FESCIMED. (Madrid) Spain