Post Production
Filming: 2023

Feature Fiction I 95min I Spain I Colour HD


Alexandra, a young actress, is raped at a New Year’s Eve party. For the next twelve months she will face fear, disgust and shame. While she tries to cope and channel it all through acting, her brother Adrian will grow a thirst for revenge and make his own decisions.

Project developed at:

DAMA Autor 2019
Mallorca Talents 2019
Sources2 Catalunya 2020
Proa Creixement Empresarial 2021
Brussels Co-production Forum 2021
New Horizons Studio+ 2021
Encuentro Coproducción FIGC 2021
Torino Film Lab Extended 2021
Green Film Lab – Sitges (TFL) 2022 


Director: Gemma Blasco
Scriptwriters: Gemma Blasco & Eva Pauné
Producer: Mireia Graell


ALEX  Ángela Cervantes
ADRIAN Àlex Monner

ELENA Eli Iranzo
JULIA Carla Linares
SAMIR Salim Daprincee
DAVID Pau Escobar

Production Companies
Ringo Media, RM PELICULA

With the support of: ICEC, ICAA, RTVE, Gobierno de Aragón, Aragón TV, TVC