In development

Feature Documentary I 90 min I Spain I
Colour HD, VHS,  Mini DV


The story of seven brothers who are trying to keep alive the spirit of their particular family through the creation of the dance company LOS VIVANCOS. A family which strongly believed in its unity formed by 39 siblings, seven mothers and one only father; Pedro Vivancos.


Director: Mireia Graell
Producer: Mireia Graell
Cinematographer: Rafael Medina

with the appearance of

 Elías Vivancos, Judah Vivancos, Josua Vivancos, Cristo Vivancos, Israel Vivancos, Aaron Vivancos & Josué Vivancos

Project developed in

MAIA WORKSHOPS 2017 (Italy, Serbia and Macedonia)
L’ Alternativa Mentoring 2017
Lisbon Docs 2018

Production Company
Ringo Media

With the support of
ICEC Development, IFP/HBO, TVC